About Us

Build a Better Life Through
Technology and Innovation

Kororo is a Sydney-based digital transformation and development company. Our founder, Robertus Johansyah, believed that technology is for everyone. With that idea, in 2012, he started Kororo from a small desk in his apartment building. Then 9 years later, we are a growing team of diverse experts. Throughout the years, we have worked with Australia's business sectors and Government institutions. We help grow and foster their business and organizations through technology and innovation.

The ideology is to build a better life through technology and innovation. The name, Kororo, came from a Japanese word of Kokoro, meaning heart, spirit, and soul. It shows who we are, a team of passionate experts committed to delivering the best in every piece of our works.

We acknowledge many business sectors in Australia still struggling to reach their goals. Being stuck in adopting technology solutions. For us is to help in providing solutions they need in an innovative way. Solutions that will seize their chance to compete in this digital era. Because quality is what we strive for and excellence is what we stand for.